The importance of respect at Neylons

At Neylons we encourage respectrespect towards our job, our company values, our colleagues and our clients. We strive to put kindness, courtesy and care at the heart of what we do and what we say every day. 

Busy schedules, poor communication, diversity…can make it more difficult at times. However, all the team here at Neylons – managers, operatives, carers, chefs, Head Office – are taught one fundamental saying again and again – ‘treat others as you would like to be treated’. 


Tips For How to Demonstrate Respect in the Workplace 

Respect comes in many forms, even in little things…a smile, a simple greeting, being on time, being reliable and hard-working….but also: 

  • Treat people how you’d like to be treated: with kindness, courtesy and politeness 
  • Listen to others, listen to their ideas and respect their differences 
  • Respect people by what you do, the words you use, your tone of voice and your body language 
  • Treat people equally 
  • Provide an equal opportunity for employees with Neylons Academy For Growth 
  • Always praise others, recognise their achievements and qualities 
  • Respect people’s time and work ethic 

Does respect really matter? 

With respect comes along precious benefits: 

  • Reduce stress, conflicts and problems 
  • Improve productivity and collaboration 
  • Build up your team and the wellbeing of each member 
  • Create a happy, considerate and professional workplace 

What one of our clients says…. 

This month, one of our clients Chanelle, recognise Mădălina’s respectful & efficient work and nominated her for a “Respect” recognition. 

This is what our client has to say: 

“Thank you so much for covering for Catering and the changes we had to make for our customer visit last minute. You were extremely polite and efficient and insured everything went smoothly” 

Well done Mădălina!