Take your building site to ISO Cleanroom Standard Class 8 with Neylons Industrial Team

Neylons Industrial Team are experienced in taking building sites to ISO Cleanroom Standard Class 8. The team also clean up to ISO Class 6 standard on particular builds.

The team have worked in many Data Centres around Ireland that have been constructed over the last number of years. It is a meticulous job to take a building site to such a high standard. This is the transition period that Neylons Industrial team are delighted to be able to deliver on.

Kevin Glennon, Operational Director, has taken great pride in the teams recent successes.
“We have fantastic leadership on site in terms of our Supervisors. They get great support from our Health & Safety Officer Drew Davison and our Coordinator Razvan Suciu. Of course there is our team on the ground day to day who are delivering consistent quality. It is an all round team effort I am proud to deliver to the client”

Nelyons work closely with a select number of Construction Partnerships. We offer exclusivity and high quality, reliable service that is well received by our clients. If you are interested in speaking to Kevin please contact us below.