Success Story from Neylons Inhouse Recruitment Incentive: Maria & Ecaterina

February 2022

After bringing a new member to the team in Beacon Hospital, Maria received a voucher as a thank you. Here is what Maria and Ecaterina have to say about their time with Neylons.

Maria Ecaterina

“Joining Neylons Team has been a lovely new work experience. I love working here and I really enjoy the friendly and ready to help attitude !”


“At Neylons I have met a team with beautiful values. I have good relationships with my colleagues and work with qualified people. I have always been encouraged and supported in challenging situations.”


“I only have words of praise for these two ladies. Both are very flexible and work hard. They are responsible and always open to learning new things. I am very pleased to have such people in the wonderful Beacon Hospital team.”

Laurentiu, site manager