Success Story from Recruitment Incentive: Veronica & Ion

July 2023

Ion and Veronica Beacon HospitalWe would like to introduce two members of the Housekeeping Team at Beacon Hospital. Veronica joined the team 4 years ago. She says :

” I always recommend working with Neylons because of their professionalism, commitment, innovative practices and opportunities for growth. Choosing Neylons means partnering with a trusted company!”

She recommended Ion to her manager. She continues:  “Ion’s expertise, collaborative mindset, positive attitude and strong skills make him a valuable asset to the team. His contribution not only enhance the team’s performance but positively impact the overall dynamic and productivity of the group. I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to my manager, supervisors and team members for their unwavering support, guidance and collaboration.”

Ion is also delighted to be part of the team. He shares: “I really enjoy working at Neylons. I like that the company invests in the professional development of its employees, providing opportunities for training and skill enhancement. I’m happy to help offer exceptional service and contribute to the ongoing success of the team. I would like to thank the amazing people I am working with. Your dedication, support and collaboration have made it an enjoyable experience.”

Both our manager and client are appreciative of their hard work. 

 “I appreciate their attitude and their cooperation. They are always willing to work hard and keep high standards in their workplace. I also value their initiatives to make their work more efficient”, says Diana, Housekeeping Manager.

These qualities didn’t go unnoticed. We receive a lovely feedback from our client.

“We have a new cleaning crew, I think they are excellent. Please tell them we have noticed and we appreciate that. The place is a different level of cleanliness, especially with repeat visits to keep the bins overflowing in the treatment room. The nursing and consultant team are really happy. Thank you all”