Success Story from Recruitment Incentive : Mary & Amy

October 2023

We would like to introduce two of our dedicated and compassionate ladies in Cork.

Amy joined the team in 2023. Her enthusiasm, patience and compassion make her a great healthcare assistant. She shares:  “Neylons was highly recommended to me by a family friend. The residents are so lovely and the team is amazing to work with. Thank you to Mary for all the help and for recommending me for the job”

Alin, site manager, says: “Amy is a great worker and we are very happy to have her part of our team. She is kind and caring with the residents, she is well-liked by them. She brings a smile to our residents’ faces. Hopefully, she will be part of the team for many years! Mary has been with our client for over 40 years and she is now part of Neylons team. There is no better business card than that, she is one of the most valuable team members, a great person to work with. Her experience is second to none and her advice is precious to our clients”

Mary received a voucher as a thank you for recommending Amy. We wish you both a happy journey with us!

Mary and Amy Cork