Success Story from recruitment Incentive: Lesley Ann & Lauren

May 2023

A good supportive work environment is essential and can encourage great people to join our team. It’s what happened with Lesley Ann and Lauren. The management and the team in St Lukes Nursing Home are very supportive and worked together to achieve a Gold CAP Platinum and successfully retain it for 2 consecutive years.

Lauren has been working with us for almost 2 years and recommended Lesley Ann to join the team. She says:

” St. Lukes is a very friendly environment to work in and everyone is made feel very welcome.  Being part of the team and being awarded a CAP Platinum award twice makes me proud. Lesley Ann used to work in a similar role before Neylons so I knew she would enjoy working here in St. Lukes too. I would like to thank the Neylons team for being very friendly and helpful. I hope to stay and progress within the company”

Lesley Ann joined the company a few months back. Her outgoing and friendly personality matches the team’s energy.  She says:

Lesley Ann and Lauren St Lukes Nursing Home

” I heard Neylons was a good company to work for and the staff were lovely and friendly so I decided to apply.  I really like getting the opportunity to meet nice people and if I am stuck on anything or need help, everyone is always willing to help out. I hope to work in St. Lukes for many years to come and hopefully progress in my career.  I would like to thank Lauren for recommending me  and thanks to Sonya for all the help she has given me.”

Sonya, site manager, shares: “Lauren and Lesley Ann are 2 young women with great personalities, very friendly with everyone and excellent with all our residents here in St. Lukes. They are very competent and enthusiastic about their roles here and take direction very well. I would hope in the future to see both girls progress in the company.”

We wish Sonya and Lesley Ann all the best in their journey with us!