Success Story from Recruitment Incentive: Annie & Kayleigh

June 2024

Sonya, site manager, is delighted to have Kayleigh and Annie on her team: “Annie and Kayleigh are two valued members of the team. Kayleigh shows maturity beyond her young age. I wish them both all the best in their careers with Neylons!”

Kayleigh joined the team at St Lukes Nursing Home recently. She says: “I heard that Neylons is a good company to work for so I decided to apply. I like my work colleagues and how welcome they’ve made me feel from day 1. I enjoy being around the residents, talking with them and hearing their stories. My dream is to travel and see more of the world, but until that day I am quite content to work in St Lukes! Thank you Annie for recommending me and Sonya for allowing me to be part of the team.”

Annie has been working with us for 2 and a half years and is a supervisor. She shares: “I am convinced that Neylons is a great company to work for! They look after their employees. They promote growth and development within the company. I have experienced that in my career. I was so proud to graduate from the Academy for Growth this year and I hope new opportunities will arise to progress more within the company.”

We wish you both a fantastic journey with us!

Annie and Kayleigh St Lukes Nursing Home