Success Story from Recruitment Incentive: Ana Maria & Petruta

November 2023 

A study finds our desire for ‘like-minded others’ is hard-wired. That is why we are not disappointed when hard-working and dedicated team members recommend someone for a new position.

Ana Maria has been working with us at Highfield Healthcare for 3 years. She says: “I recommended Neylons to Petruta because it’s a company that gives a lot of support. I enjoy every day being part of this amazing team. I’m always happy when our high standards are recognised in the audits and my work is appreciated. I knew Petruta would be a good fit for the role. She is always doing her work with dedication and commitment.”

Marina, our site manager, really appreciates having Ana Maria on the team: “Ana Maria is always ready to help and adjust to any challenging situation. Ana is a hard-working person with excellent attention to detail, always ready to help and assist with any matter.”

Recruitment Incentive Ana Maria