Success Story from Neylons Inhouse Recruitment Incentive with Veronica

At Neylons Facility Management building a team with good values and that work well together is important. Veronica received a voucher as part of our employee recruitment incentive to say thank you for recommending Ruslana, her colleague.

“Being new to this country, it was hard to fit in and feel welcomed. But when I joined the team here, I felt like I was at home. I would like to thank Veronica for recommending me to this job, and the whole team for having patience and for sharing their knowledge with me, for lending me a helping hand when I was in need.”

Our new team member Ruslana

“I am very happy to work here with everybody. I feel that they are all my family and I am happy to help in any way! Ruslana is a good friend of my daughter and I was happy to recommend her for this job! Thank you very much for welcoming me to your team!”

Veronica who recommended her colleague

“Ruslana and Veronica both speak about how welcomed they felt. That makes my heart happy! Working in an environment that makes them feel appreciated is the key! Happy employees mean happy customers and that is all we want to hear! I am happy to have them in our team here in the Mater Private! ”

Teodora, our site manager