Success Story from Neylons Inhouse Recruitment Incentive with Bianca

At Neylons Facility Management building a team with good values and that work well together is important. Bianca received a voucher as part of our employee recruitment incentive to say thank you for recommending one of her colleagues Cristina.

“Hi! I am Cristina Bianca Spataru and I have been part of Neylons team for almost a year. It feels like only a month has passed because I like what I do. I am part of a very hard-working team and very good management. I am grateful for everything we have done together and I appreciate all the help and understanding I receive every time”

Our new team member Cristina

“Hi, I am Bianca Silvia Anton, I’m a morning supervisor in Blackrock Clinic. I recommended Cristina to be part of our team and I think she made a lot of progress as a general operative. She is a hard worker and she helps the team a lot!”

Bianca who recommended her colleague

“Hi, I am Diana, site manager in Blackrock Clinic. I am delighted to have Cristina in our team. Cristina is reliable, responsible and she has shown great commitment while working with us. Thank you, Bianca and Cristina, for doing a great job here in Blackrock Clinic!”

Diana, our site manager