Success Story from Neylons Inhouse Recruitment Incentive-Feodora & Maria

At Neylons Facility Management, building a team with good values and that work well together is important. Feodora received a voucher as part of our employee recruitment incentive to say thank you for recommending Maria, her colleague.

“I started working with Neylons thanks to my friend Feodora. I am very happy with this choice to be part of Neylons team. Feodora gave me all the details I needed to start this job without any apprehension. I am very happy her efforts are rewarded. Many thanks to the team and to my friend Feodora.”


“About Neylons I only have nice and beautiful words to say. It is a pleasure to work with this team. I have learn new things and the most important thing I have learned is to work together and show respect”


“Both Feodora and Maria perform very well since they are part of the team. They are two employees who work hard and they never let me down. Happy to have them both!”

Delia, site manager