Success Story from Neylons Inhouse Recruitment Incentive

One of our site manager Krzysztof was delighted to have Adriana recommended via her colleague Maria. Building a team with good values and that work well together are important. Here is what they have to say about their journey with Neylons so far…

“I have recently joined the team after being recommended by my colleague Maria. So far I am really enjoying being part of the team and I would like to thank Maria for making this possible.”

Adriana our new employee

“I have recently introduced a new member to the team Adriana. She is a very hard working and friendly colleague to have. My time with Neylons so far has been very enjoyable and helpful. I have improved both my cleaning and management skills”

Maria who received the voucher

“Happy to have Adriana part of the team. She is a pleasant girl and performs excellent. She is very helpful and always there where we need it”

Krzysztof our site manager