Success Story from Neylons Inhouse Recruitment Incentive

After bringing a new member top the team Zaiga received a voucher as a thank you. Her colleague Kristina is really happy to be part of Neylons team.

Here what Zaiga, Kristina and Marius, site manager, have to say….

“I know Zaiga from my previous job. She is a respectable worker and a great friend.  The minute I knew that she got a job for one of  Neylons’ site I contacted Zaiga about it. She convinced me to apply for the HCA position available. Zaiga handed out my CV to the site manager. She was saying good things about the company. It’s a relax and perfect place to work at.  I could’t believe it. Now I can see myself that she was right! I really have time to take care of my patients’ needs. I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to work with a very helpful, friendly and supportive team and to work in a good environment”

Kristina Balkyte Our new team member

“I know Kristina from my previous job, so when I heard that Neylons was looking for new staff  I knew I had the perfect candidate. She is very hard working, diligent and caring. We’ve had a great experience working together so far.”

Zaiga Conroy Who recommended her colleague

“Both Zaiga and Kristina are of good character, reliable, resourceful, efficient and very skilled Healthcare Assistants. It is inspiring to see how well they both integrated quickly into the team. I can only say congratulations to both Zaiga and Kristina for the dedication and compassion shown .”

Marius VargaSite Manager