Success Story from Neylons Inhouse Recruitment Incentive

Daiva, Site Manager, was delighted to have Joan recommend via her colleague Deirdre. Building a team with good values and that work well together are important. After bringing a new member top the team Deirdre received a voucher as a thank you.

“I felt confident Joan was more than suitable for the position. She is very reliable, flexible, humble, hard working and committed to her job, team members and our client.”

Deirdre, who recommended her colleague

“I couldn’t be happier that Deirdre recommended Joan to join our team . From the first second I met Joan I knew she would be positive influence in the house. She is outgoing, positive, helpful, committed, honest and brings people together. Recently she organised our team night out and it was fabulous to get together and have fun outside the work environment. Joan is brilliant worker and  fast learner. We provided HACCP Level 2 training. Despite the challenge she finished the course and is now a fully certified worker in the kitchen and an irreplaceable team member.”

Daiva, Site Manager

“I was very happy to get the position with Neylons. It is a very nice environment to work in!”

Joan, new team member