ST Lukes Nursing Home brings home a CAP Platinum

June 2022

Today was a happy day in St Lukes Nursing Home Cork. After receiving 3 successive Gold CAP Awards, our long-term client qualified for a Platinum assessment in 2022. We are delighted to confirm that St Lukes Nursing Home successfully passed the platinum audit visit with an overall score above 95% and a hands-on inspection above 90%. This is a huge achievement and a great testimony to the excellence of our hard-working Housekeeping Team.

St Lukes Nursing Home CAP Platinum

Mihai Moldovan, Director of Operations, was delighted to attend the ceremony. He says:

“It was a real pleasure to be part of the ceremony, to see so many happy faces and to see how well the team get along and communicate. This says a lot about how well they bind together. We are delighted to be awarded the Platinum shortly after the last lockdown. We couldn’t be happier with the results achieved by the staff on-site and our manager Sonya Brett.”

Keileigh Brett, Key Account Manager for St. Lukes Nursing Home, was also present:

“We are very proud of the team and the housekeeping manager, Sonya. They have overcome many obstacles in the last 2 years while fighting Covid-19. Still, when walking the corridors each of them would have a smile on their face. I am delighted they achieved the platinum to drive home. It reminds each and every one of them how important they are to the home and to our greater Neylons team. ”

Tony O’Brien CEO of St Luke’s Nursing Home, says:

“We recognise the importance of Neylons’ achievement and the positive impact it has on all of us here at St. Lukes. Our standard of care is at a high level. This achievement by Neylons is clear evidence that our continued cooperation over the past number of years was worth it. Well done, a tremendous achievement and a testament to the Neylons qualities.”

Since May 2021, Sonya Brett is the manager of this amazing team in St Lukes Nursing Home. Sonya has worked with our client for the past 17 years. When Neylons took over the housekeeping contract, Sonya stayed with us despite some apprehensions. Her exemplarity led her to graduate from our Academy for Growth in 2019 and this was only the beginning of her journey.

Sonya Brett

Fantastic achievement Sonya. How are you feeling today?

Absolutely delighted, I am so happy for each and every member of our team here in St Lukes. Today really showed them how much we appreciate them.

Tell us how you prepared for the inspection?

I had weekly audits with Michelle, one of the Clinical nurse managers. We both learned from this and were able to get things corrected quickly, which stood to us on the day. I also had training on different aspects of the paperwork I would need for the audit with Keileigh throughout the year.

Nice to hear you had a lot of support. On the day you what was it like?

Something Ian (Ian Jackson, CAP Auditor)  had said to me when we were doing the audit has stuck with me. He mentioned how he noticed all departments from management to admin, nurses, carers, catering & our own staff were rooting for us. I felt this very much too on the day.

Sonya, you graduated from our Academy for Growth in 2019. Would you say that this programme better equipped you for this assessment and in your role overall?

Yes! I believe the academy gave me the confidence to be able to lead my own team in the right direction to achieve this award and build such a great and supportive team.

I can imagine you all must have felt very proud on hearing the news. What are you most proud of?

The team we have in St. Lukes does their best and it shows every day. I couldn’t ask for a better team, well done to each and every one of them.

That is something we love about Neylons and it is great to hear how you feel. What is the one bit of advice you can give other site managers?

Spend time with your team developing a relationship, they will be your biggest supporters and the difference in a successful site, making your life easier as a manager.

Thanks a lot Sonya for sharing your experience with us. We wish you a lot of success in your career and we are looking forward to hearing more happy news from the team at St Lukes Nursing Home.