Security Services

Providing peace of mind

Neylons Facility Management security services include Static Guarding, alarm monitoring and response, Access Control systems, CCTV and intruder alarm systems, remote monitoring and Mobile security Patrols.

We use our industry expertise and specialist supply chain partners to design a Security solution with the right combination of security systems and Resources with our Clients.

Static Guarding

Our security Guards are licensed by the PSA and SIA and receive additional training in skills including health and safety, surveillance skills awareness and customer service as part of our commitment to Training and Development.

24-hour protection

Our Static guarding service protects against unauthorised entry, damage to property and assault or injury. Additionally, with the appropriate CCTV licence, our security officers can monitor and track specific individuals and identify persons of interest.

Our people on the ground, supported by the right technology, are by far the best deterrents. By choosing our integrated service, you are protected by our expertise 24/7/365.

Remote monitoring

Neylons Facility Management offer 24-hour protection for your people and property. We provide a fully integrated system to cover all aspects of your operation, from intruders and fire alarms to CCTV and access control.

Our service includes a helpdesk for accident reporting, crisis management and service issues. We also coordinate Guarding teams and despatch mobile patrol and key holder response teams to remote Properties.

Mobile patrols and key holding

At your Properties that don’t require 24-hour static guarding, mobile patrol officers can carry out planned and ad-hoc inspections, providing a key holding service to respond to incidents and conducting internal mobile patrols.

Access Control

Secure your Properties against unauthorised entry: Using electronic access control systems, intruder alarm systems or a combination of both.

Our Access control system protects against unauthorised entry. Access can be blocked, issued or tracked – all within one system.

Staff and Visitors can book in remotely in advance or using Self Service features at your Reception.

We have introduced a Covid-19 health questionnaire to be completed for Visitors prior to being granted access.

Access can also be provided linked to specific areas of your building based on both competencies and security clearance.

Real-time Dashboards are available on Phones, Tablets and PCs, detailing who is in your building and what areas they have been granted access to.

We can also provide historic records of ingress and egress times for all occupants to all areas of your building.

If you need an extra level of security, we can provide biometric technology. This uses unique features such as fingerprints or iris patterns to control access.

Emergency Evacuations

When utilising our Access Control system, in the event of a Fire Alarm or other required Emergency Evacuation, you will have immediate access on your Phone or Tablet to a schedule of People in your building. We will provide a number of connected Muster Points that when swiped by the occupant’s fob, immediately records their egress, updating your Phone or Tablet in real-time so that at all times you can see who has not successfully recorded their egress at the Muster Point and actions can be taken accordingly.

Thermal body temperature solutions

We provide, install, commission and maintain the latest thermal imaging camera technology, allowing you to proactively safeguard your assets, properties and people. This technology can be used to identify people with a high body temperature allowing you to make instant decisions regarding access to your buildings.

Steriloc Hygiene Security

Steriloc is an anti-virus entry system that will sanitize the hands of all Staff and Visitors prior to entering your Property. When linked to your Door Access system, it will provide access only when hands are quickly and thoroughly cleansed with a powerful automatic touch-free hand sanitiser.

After a member of Staff or Visitor has cleansed their hands, an electrical signal will trigger a door catch, turnstile or even an alarm ensuring that your Building hygiene is not compromised.

Steriloc will demonstrate your commitment to maintaining a covid free building and form a key part of your risk mitigation strategy to give reassurance to your Staff, Customers and Visitors.

The Steriloc units can be on free-standing pedestals, wall mounted or linked to entry mechanisms and can be used with an extensive range of sanitising liquids available in the marketplace.

Neylons Facility Management can arrange a free no obligation trial of a Steriloc Unit delivered to your Property.

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)

We can design and install ANPR for your existing barrier entry system. Authorised visitors are provided with fast secure entry without the need for static access control – providing substantial savings for your business. Arrival notifications can also be sent to your onsite reception team, allowing visitors to enter the site seamlessly.


We can provide integrated CCTV solutions to meet your needs, from single cameras to multi-level surveillance and remote management. Our CCTV can be accessed via the app, giving you up-to-the-minute surveillance information from your mobile phone.

Intruder alarms

Our partner will design, install and maintain an Intruder Alarm system for you, choosing from a wide range of alarm systems to meet your needs.

We provide full training to help you get the best from your system. Our service also includes access to a 24-hour alarm monitoring centre or on-site monitoring, compliance, key-holding services and incident response.