Recruitment Incentive with Shanena & Annie

November 2022

Annie & Shenana

We were delighted to welcome Shanena to the team at St Lukes Nursing Home. Working with us gives her the time to attend college too. She says: ” I was told by Annie, who I have known for many years, that Neylons is a nice company to work for and that all the staff in St Lukes are lovely and a great team. I really enjoy being able to work independently while also being part of a team. Thank you Annie for recommending me, thank you to the staff for welcoming me and thank you Sonya for giving me the opportunity to work within the Neylons Team!”

Annie joined the team a year ago as Household Support and shares: “Neylons is a good company to work for and they really welcomed me from day one. I am very proud to be part of the team who won a platinum CAP Award. Shanena is a lovely girl with a good work ethic and a can-do attitude. I’m very happy she joined the team. I would like to thank all my colleagues and Sonya for being so friendly and supportive.”

Sonya, site manager, appreciates their hard-work and positive attitude: “Annie has been part of the team for a year now and I see great potential in Annie as she progresses in her career with Neylons. Shanena also has a great work ethic and works extremely well every weekend with no complaints, even when she has finished a full week in college! Both girls get on very well in the workplace and can easily work alongside each other and the rest of the team. Annie and Shanena are a pleasure to work with and I wish them all the best in their careers with Neylons!”