Recruitment Incentive: Winning Trio in Mater Private

April 2024

Meet our winning trio in Mater Private: Dayane, Edlaine and Luana. Dayane recommended Edlaine and then Edlaine recommended Luana.

Why did Edlaine and Dayane recommend Neylons to someone they care about?

“Because it is a good company and we like the team, we feel respected and appreciated. “

Teodora, their manager, says:

” They are enthusiastic, dedicated to what they do. They are always reliable and respectful. I am very happy to have these great people on my team.”

What can we wish for them?

Edlaine “I would like to work in my profession, improve my English and maybe learn other languages”

Luana “I would like to improve my English”

Dayane “I’m trying to improve my English so I can open new doors in the company for me!”

We wish them a fantastic journey with us!

Two Neylons staff