Recent Innovation – Thor UVC machine

April 2022

One of Neylons Key values is Innovation. We are a market leader in the modernisation of our industry and aspire to bring new methods, new technology and new software into the mainstream.

Our most recent endeavour has been a cutting edge automated UVC Disinfection machine.  Due to the recent Covid pandemic, there has been a massive surge in awareness from the public at large regarding the importance of disinfection.

The THOR UVC® machine is a market leader in its performance and has the capacity to eradicate and eliminate 99.9999% of healthcare-associated infections (HAI) in minutes.

How it works:

As shadows are the enemy of any UVC disinfection solution, Thor is fitted with the most comprehensive shadow reduction technology on the market. THOR UVC extends from 6cm off the floor to 2.25m ensuring complete floor to ceiling disinfection. Its unique patented telescoping feature senses the height of the room eliminating shadows and exposing more of the room to germicidal doses of UVC.

Thor UVC Machine neylons

To disinfect a room is a relatively simple process. The machine is plugged into a standard electrical socket and can then be operated on a tablet/mobile device from outside the room. Thor will analyse and map all surfaces of a room and calculate the length of time required to thoroughly disinfect the entire room. The operator can, if needed, adjust the required disinfection area and then start the process.

Thor UVC Machine Cycle

Thor will then commence disinfection and a countdown timer on the operators tablet will inform the user when the process will be completed.

Once the process has completed, the system will generate a report outlining what was done, how long it took etc. These reports can be saved and accessed at the touch of a button.

Benefits :

There are enormous benefits to this process, such as:

  • The machine is lightweight and can be moved around a facility with ease.
  • As it is height adjustable, it will fit through any regular doorway.
  • Once the machine has started its disinfection process, the operator is free to attend to other tasks.
  • Should the process be interrupted (a person enters the room being disinfected), the operator will be informed via the tablet, and Thor will automatically stop.
  • Thor can disinfect those areas that are hard to access or might otherwise be missed, such as on top of light fittings etc.

Would you like to know more about the Thor UVC Machine? Please contact Sean at and we would be delighted to answer your questions.