Our favourite Irish sayings and expressions

February 2022

One of Neylons Team richness is its cultural diversity with over 15 nationalities. We learn so much from each other.

Here are some of our favourite Irish sayings and expressions.

It’s a grand soft day

As you know, we love talking about the weather. You might hear this expression, look outside and look puzzled, it’s a miserable day right? That’s exactly what we meant!

How’s she cuttin’?

Don’t ask us why but we are only asking you how you are doing.

There’s great drying out

We get excited when the weather is dry enough and we can put our laundry on the line outside. Of course, it also means that we will spend 15 minutes before leaving for the day wondering whether there’s another shower on the horizon.

Ah stop!

We use this for pretty much everything. We can use this as being a joke or stupid or pretty much anything else!

Stick on the kettle

A very important one. Time for a cuppa so stick on the kettle!

Come here to me…

We have something important to tell you so listen up.

Sure you will ya

Do I need to go to the shop? Sure you will ya. No choice, you have to!

It’ll be grand

We take things how they come. It will all work out fine, don’t worry.

What’s the craic?

What’s going on?

Put it in the wash

Put your laundry in the washing machine.

Sure look

We often mean that it is what it is, you can’t change it so you need to accept it

Any use?

You might say you went to the cinema last weekend and we will ask was it any use? Or in other words, was it good?

Happy out

We use it when we are happy, content, things are going well. But we like adding the out. A little extra.

Awful good

Sounds a bit contradictory? No, it was just very good!

Fair play

Good job, well done!

Away with the fairies

If you are away with the fairies, you are mad, distracted or dreaming. Take it as you want!