On my to do list today: take care of myself

Self-care is essential to your well-being. Is self-care part of your daily routine? What things do you need to feel recharged and reset?

“Make yourself a priority”. What thoughts come to your mind straight away? Does it sound selfish? You don’t deserve it? You don’t have time? There is more important to do?

Where can you start?

Value yourself

We prioritize what we value. Do you value yourself? Maybe it is time to challenge your beliefs. You are important and you matter. You can take care of yourself and still be a good mum, a good dad, a good employee… You just need to find the right balance. Think about this: Would 15 min of self-care a day harm your family? Would your boss fire you?

Find what works for you

As your life changes, your needs change too. We all have different needs so remember self-care is individual. Self-care for you might look entirely different from your mate, your colleague, your friend. Time to find what works for YOU!

Make time for yourself

Self-care can be a struggle. Busy schedules, responsibilities, daily life sometimes can feel overwhelming. How do you find time? Well….you need to make time for it.  Why not add to your calendar some self-care moments?

LET’S START NOW! Self-care needs practice so don’t give up! Remember YOU matter and you are unique. Find your own self-care recipe and make it a priority.

Self care is how you take your power back. You will be happier for you and for  the people in your life.