Success Story from Recruitment Incentive: Claire & Amore

August 2023

A little hello from the West of Ireland. Serban, our manager in Castlebar, is grateful to be surrounded by a fantastic team. Two of them are Claire & Amore. He shares:

“Claire and Amore are people you can rely on, always willing to help. They are enthusiastic, complying with the needs and requests of our residents. They are good workers, communicate well with the hospice staff and are flexible when needed. They are a great asset to the team”

Claire joined the team almost two years ago. She says: “I highly recommended Neylons to Amore because they treat their staff well. I enjoy being part of the team. Amore is a friend of the family and I knew she would be a good addition to the team. I would like to thank Serban for giving me my first job in years and an opportunity to prove myself!”

Amore also enjoys her role:  “I am bubbly and outgoing so I really like that the team is lovely and very friendly, it’s easy to make friends.  Thank you to Claire and Serban for recommending me and giving me this opportunity. He has helped me so much. Hopefully, in two years, I can have a house to call my own and still be happy where I am.” 

Thank you to the team in Castlebar. We wish you all the best in your journey with us!

Recruitment Incentive Claire and Amore