Neylons Facility Management growing partnership with Nano Nagle Place

A unique partnership was celebrated this week in the signing of a five-year contract between Neylons Facility Management and Nano Nagle Place.

Neylons have been working closely with Nano Nagle Place CEO Shane Clarke over the last 18 months in managing the buildings that are nestled away amongst the bustling landscape of Cork City. As you walk on site it is clear why is has been described as an “unexpected oasis”. The architects have beautifully regenerated the heritage centre to provide a sanctuary and safe haven in the midst of a hectic world. It was no mean feat to achieve such a project and Neylons took great care in getting to know the building structure and all the services that support this facility.

Neylons Facility Management ensure the safety of staff both Nano Nagle Place and Neylons, visitors to the centre and all specialised contractors that come to site. This varies from all safety systems to heritage AV, from cleaning to security, from maintaining the landscaped gardens to water management. The list goes on and include unique items such a lightning protection of the chapel.

It is worth preserving and protecting at all costs and this is a big commitment for any facility management company to make. Neylons have done just that through a preventative maintenance plan using only highly skilled specialist companies and the original architects and designers to ensure the unique features of this building are kept intact.

“When Nano Nagle Place were looking for a solution to their facility management we invited four Facility Management companies for a site visit. I knew before Sylvie Neylon had left the site who would be our choice. From day one it was a genuine partnership and I look forward to the next 5 years and the 5 after that”

Shane Clarke Nano Nagle Place CEO

Nano Nagle earned the name ‘Lady of the Lantern’ as she tirelessly went out into the dark night streets with just a lantern to light her path to help those in need. I personally feel a huge responsibility to keep her light shining bright in this very special place. I would like to take this opportunity to express thanks to Shane Clarke and the Nano Nagle board for entrusting us not just a site but special place in history.“

Kevin GlennonNeylons Facility Management Director

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Neylons Team Deliver Unique Partnership

A special mention was made to the Claudiu Murariu the Facility Site Manager and his contribution. Claudiu has won many friends amongst the different residents in Nano Nagle Place. Claudiu joined Neylons at entry level position and progressed through Neylons Academy For Growth, an inhouse facility management programme, where he showed great leadership quality. In May this year Neylons won the European Business Award for Workplace & People Development. Claudiu is a great example of the benefits of investing in your people. Neylons can easily take on complex facilities, find strong site managers within their organisation to manage them and be confident in their success.

Adi Roche Speaks of Nano Nagle as Inspiration

Neylons charity partner Chernobyl Children International CEO Adi Roche attended the event. While her own charity work is evident with children arriving to Ireland next week for rest & rehabilitation program from Chernobyl, Adi focused on Nano Nagle as an inspiration. She told the audience “we can only walk in the shadows of those who came before us”.

All the guests enjoyed a private tour by Shane Clarke himself. Like many when they first hear the story of Nano Nagle the inspiration to all was clear and the feeling of sheer determination to leave the world a better place set the tone for the evening.

Every contract Neylons run are different in their own way and no more so than Nano Nagle Place. It is a unique and very special place.