This year Neylons Facility Management celebrated our 13th anniversary of our partnership with the Hermitage Medical Clinic. The Neylons team are extremely proud of this longstanding relationship that began even before the doors opened to the public.  

The Beginning 

From these very early days when the hospital was transformed from a building site to a leader in private healthcare the team delivered the highest level of quality service. The volume of patients has increased over the years. The occupancy has always been high and now caters for 140 beds, 12 Theatres, and 20  ICU beds. The demands of this contract helped create what today is the current management team, Maria our current CEO started work here as a cleaner , Ciprian our Operations Director worked as a general operative in Theatres and Delia one of our Regional Area Managers was the day janitor. Another significance of this contract was that it was Neylons first in the Dublin area. From this Neylons have built the business contract by contract – each client being unique and important to Neylons. 

Leadership from Within

Anca Cioloca Housekeeping Site Manager 

After 4 years’ experience as a Housekeeping Assistant in a hospital environment Anca was invited to be part of the first Academy for Growth Program. Due to her emerging leadership skills she was promoted to a site manager during this time. 


Anca has been part of the Hermitage Management team since 2015. She took over from Martina Conroy who now works in our head office. She manages a team of 25 staff. 


  • Joined the Neylons team 2010 
  • Chosen for first Neylons Academy – Graduate 2014 
  • Training Manager for ‘Neylons Academy for Growth’ 
  • Housekeeping Site Manager for Hermitage Medical 2015 


Award Winning 

Anca has been at the helm of the Neylons team for successful JCI Audits and the wonderful achievement of Gold for the CAP Awards for Housekeeping in 2017. This year her team retained the Gold Standard after a surprise audit during the summer. It is agreed with the team that preparation, training and good communication give them capability to maintain such high standards across the entire Hermitage site.


End User Feedback 

Feedback from visitors and patients generally  is that the do not feel like they are in a hospital 

”does not smell like a hospital at all     

                  ….I feel like I am in a 5-star hotel” 

Long Term Team Members 

Not only have Nelyons been in partnership for over 10 years with the Hermitage but also there are a number of employees who have been working over 10 years on site.  

Pictured are Bianca Mihai & Eva Lapadat accepting a token bouquet of flowers on their 10 year anniversary. 

Academy Participants and Graduates from Hermitage 

The Neylons Academy For Growth is a unique in-house training programme that provides all staff with an opportunity to progress to management level. It was formed in 2014 when Neylons recognised the increasing need for skilled site managers. The Academy is used to train individuals who are keen to fill this need. 

The programme is delivered by our Chief Executive Officer, Maria Sava, and is funded solely by the company. The objectives of the Academy are to enhance operational measurement and management strengths in order to deliver sustainable customer satisfaction, mobilise skilled staff to complete projects on customer sites, ensure staff succession planning, service continuity and growth capacity, to develop a pro-active culture of first-time success with staff trained and accredited to the highest standards in order to deliver quality customer service, sustain current business and build for the future. The Academy also plays a pivotal role in managing behaviours within the company structures. 

  • Anca Cioloca – Housekeeping Site Manager 
  • Krzysztof Sidlo – Assistant Manager  
  • Olga Spirgulevich – Evening Supervisor 




The Neylons Team at Hermitage 

Commitment  /  Quality  /  Perseverance