Neylons Facility Management Awarded First Ever Platinum CAP Award

First Platinum Award in Ireland was for Bon Secours Care Village Cork

The Continuous Advancement Programme (CAP) is a tailor-made coaching and award programme designed to deliver excellence and maximise return on investment in housekeeping and catering. It is the pinnacle of success within the industry. Neylons are proud to win the FIRST EVER PLATINUM AWARD for Housekeeping in Ireland.

“The housekeeping team at Bon Secours Care Village and the Care Home itself have demonstrated improvement year-on-year as part of their commitment to raising standards, and this was clear during my inspection. There’s no doubt that this directly benefits the residents. In my view, Keileigh and her team perfectly encapsulate the CAP Awards Programme and everything it stands for. They are indeed fitting and worthy recipients of the first ever CAP Platinum Award for Housekeeping.”

Ian JacksonCAP Awards Programme Chief Assessor

Keileigh well done on your teams recent award. Can you tell us a bit more about it? What award/accreditation did you receive?

We won the Platinum CAP Award. It is the first ever award to be made in Ireland. It means that we achieved Gold CAP Award 3 years in a row before we even qualified to apply for Platinum. It is a pretty big deal in the world of Housekeeping.

That sounds like a fantastic achievement. Tell us how you prepared for the inspection?

Firstly, this is an unannounced audit. It can happen any time in the whole year with no warning. It can even happen when I am on holidays so very important the team are all prepared. For the preparation I got support and guidance from my manager Mihai on what improvements we could implement to make the platinum benchmark more achievable. I also got help from other site managers all over the country on their experience with the CAP programme and what outcomes they found. This helped me feel prepared.

You had lots of support. On the day you what was it like on the day?

On the day I wasn’t too surprised to see Ian. I suspected he would be in soon, maybe not that soon as I had only returned from 2 weeks annual leave. I told him I had no idea what way today would go over being off. I was confident we would retain GOLD but a little apprehensive on getting Platinum. I had announced in our work group chat that Ian was here and it was show time. Anyone not working that day was very quick to send lots of texts and support to tell the rest of us good luck. Throughout the day they continued messaging for updates. I tried to remove the bad stigma around inspections. It was very noticeable when I caught up with the team this had an impact and they were more excited than nervous. I was also excited to know how we had done and when he told me at 12:30 it was over my immediate reaction was could we get the result today? Ian obliged, which the team & I were very grateful for.

I can imagine you all must of felt very proud on hearing the news. What are you most proud of?

I am most proud of the team and how they work together. They give each other so much support and I’m not even sure how that happened, they just gelled and became some of the greatest friends and colleagues to each other, which really did make us a much stronger team. They don’t just support each other they also support me which has made me more confident in my role. The platinum wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for their combined enthusiasm & support.

That is something we love about Neylons and it is great to hear how you feel. What is the one bit of advice you can give other site managers?

Put everything you have into your team, be open & honest with them. The results will amaze you