We celebrate our 17th Anniversary in September

We are delighted to celebrate Neylons Facility Management 17th Anniversary. From Neylons humble beginnings as a cleaning company it has seen impressive growth and it now employs over 900 staff in a range of positions.

Sylvie Neylon has extensive experience with globally recognised names in the facility management industry. He knew he needed to be progressive and innovative to compete in the market. Neylons worked towards offering Total Facility Management services to build their impressive suite of services where they can add value for their clients. They chose to focus on a USP of quality, compliance, and innovative technology.

After leading the company as CEO for 13 years Sylvie moved to the role of Chairman and Maria Sava, previously Director of Operations, moved into the role of Chief Executive Officer. Even with these changes, the core belief of “putting people at the heart of what we do”, allied to our Academy for Growth, has been a key factor in the continued success of the company. Having shown such a focus on the people who make the company what it is, Neylons has won the European Business Awards for Workplace and People Development.

We would like to say a huge thank you to the people that matter and are key to our success. To our Neylons Team, we are very thankful to work with such wonderful people. Hard-working, enthusiastic and putting people first. A positive attitude that inspires us every day. To our Clients, we are truly grateful for your support & trust over the years.

Watch Neylons Inside Story  (from 12′ to 15′).