Neylons Academy Graduation 2024: 10 years of learning, development and mentoring

June 2024

Recognising that it is our people that are ‘the difference that makes the difference’, Neylons developed our in-house Academy programme to assist our people to be the best version of themselves.

Inspired by former rugby coach Joe Schmidt, who always speaks passionately about needing an academy to run a team, we created our own in-house Neylons Academy in 2014.

Staff members who show passion, enthusiasm and potential are shortlisted for our Academy for Growth. Participants undergo 12 months of training in a variety of subjects including Behavioural Management, technical subjects and Supervisory Management, through a series of monthly ‘face-to-face’ modules and course assignments leading to the Academy graduation. It is traditionally from this pool of graduates that supervisory and management positions are filled within Neylons.

Our Academy is not only a vehicle to improve the managerial and technical skills of our people, it is also a way of further embedding our Neylons values.

Neylons Academy Graduation 2024

On May 31st, we celebrated our 10th Academy For Growth Graduation. It was a special moment, filled with joy and nostalgia. Sylvie Neylon, Founder, shares:

“Our 10th year doing the Academy is without doubt Neylons Facility Management greatest achievement. It is testimony to the great people who take responsibility for delivering the material and nurturing the participants. I take little credit for the working of the Academy, my only contribution was to come up with the idea. Great credit must go to Maria, Anca, Sandra, and Colin. Also, the graduation day is always a very well organised event and I want to thank everyone involved for all your work. Hopefully the Academy will continue to grow with the Apleona Group!”

Our guest of honour on the day was Pádraic Ó Máille. Pádraic is a mentor, writer, motivational speaker and creator of Smácht.  He gave an enthusiastic and inspiring speech. As our graduates took this important step forward in their journey, Pádraic emphasised the importance of the direction you take, and the people you travel with.

Padraig O'Maille, Neylons Academy
Padraig O'Maille congratulating one of our Neylons Academy Graduate