Neylons Academy For Growth: a commitment to Our People

April 2022

NEYLONS are committed to the training and development of our staff, we recognise that it will continue to be our people that will be ‘the difference that makes the difference’ in the service delivery to our Clients and the future development of our company.

Inspired by former rugby coach Joe Schmidt, who speaks passionately about needing an academy to run a team, Neylons created their own in-house Academy for Growth in 2014.

Neylons Academy For Growth 2022

Our Academy has recently seen its 100th graduate pass through our doors.

Traditionally after 12 months of employment, those staff members who are showing passion, enthusiasm and potential are shortlisted for the Academy. This list is then whittled down and typically 15 participants are selected to join our Academy each year.

Participants undergo 12 months of training in a variety of subjects such as Behavioural Management, technical subjects and Supervisory Management through a series of monthly ‘face-to-face’ modules and course assignments.

It is generally from this pool of Academy graduates that supervisory and management positions are filled within Neylons. As a demonstration of this commitment to our People, All of our Directors, including Maria Sava, Chief Executive Officer have worked their way up through Neylons,  most of them graduating from our ‘Academy for Growth’ on their journey.

Our Academy is not only a vehicle to improve the managerial and technical skills of our people, it is also a way of further embedding our Neylons values into our all-important Teams serving our Clients.

Innovation Neylons
Compliance Neylons
Enthusiasm Neylons
Integrity Neylons

As we said, Our Academy has been the catalyst to demonstrating our commitment to our People and in turn our People have reciprocated hugely to our company and in turn our clients.

Our ‘Academy for Growth’ Graduation for 2021 is being held in Loughrea, Co. Galway on 20th May 2022, where the 2021 successful delegates will be recognised for their completion of our Academy for Growth.

Our guest of honour on the day is Gary McGann, one of the most eminent corporate business people in Ireland over the past 30 years.

The Academy will celebrate the achievement of the successful delegates who we are sure will benefit from the wisdom and insight of Gary McGann at the Event.

Neylons congratulate all our Academy graduates for 2021.

Would you like to join us for this celebration? Meet us on Friday 20th May at 2 pm on our Facebook Page.