Meet Anca Cioloca, Training Manager

Anca Cioloca, Training Manager

Anca, we are delighted to get to know you a bit better today. You have a very interesting journey with Neylons. You started as a general operative in a Private Hospital a few years ago, graduated from the first Neylons Academy for Growth and you are now our Training Manager. Would you say that your training played an important role in your success?

Yes, without a doubt. First, I used to work in a high-risk area within the hospital. All the training received helped me to provide high standard service and also to develop my attention to detail in infection control procedures and patient safety. My work experience had a huge impact later on in my career as a training manager. I am very familiar with all the requirements we have, especially in the healthcare sector, and also our staff’s needs.

What is your current role?

As Training Manager, I look after the company’s overall training compliance and make sure to maintain it at the highest level on all our facilities. To do so, we create and design adequate training tools and training sessions. I also prepare our site managers for JCI, HIQA and any other external audits. I am also part of the Neylons Academy For Growth training program as one of the facilitators. 

What motivates you to get up in the morning and go to work?

The feeling of being needed. It gives me the motivation to get up in the morning and go where my advice, guidance and support is requested. Playing my part in the company’s progress is a privilege. 

Your support and guidance are very appreciated by the whole team. What do you enjoy the most in your role?

The interaction with people, both clients and colleagues. I enjoy the time I actively participate in audits or training sessions on our different sites. I do believe face to face interaction is very beneficial for us all as we can share opinions, prevent issues and identify the needs on the spot. I used to work as a teacher back home in Romania, so I enjoy teaching at the Neylons Academy for Growth too!

We have to say your enthusiasm is contagious. Would you like to tell us about one of your biggest achievements in your role?

Oh, this is a very hard question. I would say one of my biggest achievements is my journey with Neylons. Being part of Neylons Academy for Growth is also a real privilege.

The hard work of our training team has been even more important during this pandemic and is a key to our success. What challenges have you faced and how have you overcome them?

The biggest challenge during the pandemic has not been able to organise face to face training sessions. At the start of this pandemic, we didn’t have the training courses available online. Since then, we have developed online training and it works well. Also, we had to review and update some training, sometimes every week, to stay up to date with the guidelines and recommendations from HSE.

An efficient training programme is also a big part of getting JCI Accreditation and Gold CAP Award. And what a success! We were delighted when one of our facilities received the first Platinum CAP Award for Housekeeping in Ireland. Can you explain shortly what is involved and how training helps the team to succeed?

At Neylons, all the training sessions and material are based on JCI, HIQA and HSE requirements. This helps the team to be always ready for an audit. Before any external audit, we also carry out intensive preparation for both staff and managers. JCI and HIQA training is one of the modules delivered at Neylons Academy for Growth so all our graduates are familiar with them. 

However, I would say that the motivation of the staff is key in achieving a successful audit. We always want to make sure that the entire team feels supported and appreciated.

Teamwork can make anything happen! Thank you Anca for your time. We wish you all the best in your role and your career.