iScope Work loading is a software programme developed by Neylons to enhance productivity and to measure the necessity of cleaning tasks across individual buildings and portfolios of buildings. It can be used to demonstrate and provide confidence that we are delivering maximum productivity and value for money in the delivery of our Clients Cleaning Services.

We share the work loading calculations with our Clients for each of their properties in line with benchmarking requirements. The software computes the hours required to clean each property. The total sq. footage is broken down into the different areas of the buildings, toilets, Reception, corridors, etc and the task is entered with the appropriate frequency to be carried out. The results provided being a productivity rate, based on the tasks and their frequency of completion.

Client Benefits

  • Benchmarking

    of cleaning services across client properties and broader Neylon client operations

  • Productivity

    consistency and efficiency attained across all Client portfolio properties

  • Scientific

    approach to the application of Cleaning Hours.

iScope productivity tool

We use our iScope productivity tool to design our cleaning solution for our Clients, working from the bottom up, entering our Clients best practice specification and applying it to each area of the building in question. This results in forensic development of cleaning hours and productivity rates across our Clients properties.

As part of our internal commercial ‘checks and balances’, we benchmark these productivity rates against a number of our ‘live’ operations to confirm value is being offered.