I am enjoying every minute of Neylons Academy for Growth

Picture: Katelyn, site manager (left) and Janice (on the right)

Janice, you are part of our Frontline Workers. You work in a Nursing Home in Cork where some residents & staff tested positive for Covid-19. We can only imagine how challenging it must have been for you and the team. In this context, would you like to share with us what does your day/shift look like?

I can honestly say that not two days are the same. At the moment it’s a bit manic. It’s like something you would see in a movie but it’s very real.  People are stressed and worried about getting Covid or bringing it home to their families. It’s tough but we are positive and we will get through it.

What have been the most challenging for you and your family?

The most challenging part has been not seeing friends and family through all of it. But as I read somewhere recently, we isolate and stay safe now so when we all get to meet, no one will be missing. Those words really stuck with me.

Very powerful though, thank you for sharing. What does help you to stay grounded? 

I do personally feel a duty of care to our residents being a frontline worker. It really pushes me to keep going knowing that we’re doing this for them. I also remind myself every day to only worry about what I can control. I can’t control what everyone does but I can control how my family and I protect ourselves. There is no point wasting energy worrying about what everyone is or isn’t doing. These strange circumstances we’re in aren’t going to last forever.

That’s a very positive attitude. How have your manager and the company helped you to do your job and also protect yourself?

Our managers Keileigh and Katelyn have been on hand and available to us no matter how busy things have got here in the Care Village. They have truly been an inspiration. They are so positive and hardworking and have been in the thick of it alongside us. Neylons prepared us by keeping us up to date on all our training so when the time came we were ready to tackle the situation and keep ourselves safe.

Do you feel that being part of a team makes you stronger to face these challenging times?

Definitely. Having a good team working together through this is what’s going to get us through it. Our team is so hardworking and always helping each other. Even something as small as telling a joke in the group chat goes a long way when you are stressed and anxious. It lifts our spirits. Our team gets on very well so we work well together.

You are attending Neylons Academy for Growth online this year. It’s very different than what you probably expected. However, what do you like the most about the Academy?

It is different from what I expected it to be but I am enjoying every minute of it. I love learning new things and the Academy has so many different topics and teachers, so I find I am always interested and want to know more. Each class is only 4 hours but we get so much information in those 4 hours. It’s great! I would like to say thank you to our teachers. Doing the Academy online is new for them too and they’re doing a great job.

I’m sure they will appreciate hearing that. What tips would you give to anybody doing online courses to get the best of it?

Have a good internet connection. Make sure to be in a quiet place when doing your class so you can really concentrate and get the most of the class. Also, remember that you’re not just watching a video, the person teaching can see you so be aware of that.

What has the Academy brought to your personal & professional life so far?
I’ve learned so much already but I must say my biggest improvement is my time management. I find I’m more organised at work and at home and as a result, I have more time to spend doing the things I love with my children.

Thank you Janice for sharing your experience with us.