Housekeeping teams – Behind the scenes, but not forgotten

November 2022

Congratulations to the team at Blackrock Health Hermitage Clinic for their CAP Award!

The unannounced Housekeeping Assessment visit took place on August 9th, 2022. The Housekeeping Department scored 97.3%, a very high score. We are very proud of the team for this well-deserved CAP Award, which was down to the hard work of every single member of the Housekeeping Team in Blackrock Health Hermitage Clinic.

Hermitage Clinic Housekeeping

Above all, one of our best rewards is to hear the patients feel safe and cared for during their stay at the clinic:

“Very happy with everything. The staff were so good, and the hospital was very clean”

“Kindness in everyone I met and cleanliness”

“Cleaning staff always professional, polite and kind”

“Housekeeping were all extremely friendly and chatty! Felt like they genuinely cared for me”

The pandemic has changed many things in our lives. We observe a new sense of appreciation for cleaning staff, with the value of the service they provide put overnight in the spotlight, making clear their essential contribution to the wellbeing and health of our communities.

Neylons Facility Management has been working closely with the CAP Awards team for over 5 years. This 12-month programme helps Housekeeping teams to improve the quality, hygiene and cleanliness standards they provide. It also offers the recognition these teams deserve for their exceptional work behind the scenes!

Keeping your team motivated can be challenging. So how does being involved with CAP Award help our team focused, united and motivated? Let’s talk to our site manager, Delia Gogu.

Delia started working with us in 2006. She then graduated from our Academy for Growth and is now the site manager at Hermitage Clinic.

Delia, thank you for meeting with us today. Congratulations to you and the team on this huge achievement. How are you all feeling?

Thank you for having me. We are all proud and very happy about this great achievement, which is down to the greatest Housekeeping Team, without whom it would not have been possible. Each of them played an important role in this achievement and I want to thank each of them for the hard work they do every day.

That’s well- deserved Delia. How did establishing and making clear the expected standard help you and the team to reach for the stars?

In a medical environment, the standards are established clearly from day one for everyone joining the team. The standard that we offer through our services is something we cannot drop, regardless of whether we are going to be audited or not.

I’m sure training plays a big part in this. How did you make sure each individual in your team received the right training?

Indeed, staff training plays a very important role in what we do. It is very important that people know what they have to do and how to do it correctly. The evaluation of each staff member’s work helps us to understand where they have difficulties and need to be trained more closely.

The Award ceremony for the CAP was a special moment for everyone. The feelings of appreciation and motivation are probably at their highest point. How do you make sure your staff feel appreciated consistently, not only around the audit?

On many occasions, I try to put myself in each of their shoes to understand their needs and support them with a more individual approach. I think this is a way of appreciation, to be there when they need you.

What advice would you give to any site manager who is preparing for a CAP Award assessment?

When you love what you do, everything comes together! Good knowledge of what you do, performance, productivity, and perseverance, all lead to the desired results.

What is next on your list with the team?

The next goal? We have already entered a CAP Platinum assessment. We are also preparing for a JCI Inspection next year. All these constructive challenges validate the quality of the services we offer here in Hermitage and at the same time teach us to be even better.

We wish you and the team all the best in your next adventure. We are looking forward to hearing more!