Flex CAFM System

Neylons are a technology-driven Facilities Management organisation with our Custom Flex CAFM system at the foundation of everything we do.
Our Flex CAFM system Is a 100% web-based application that needs no installation on client systems as it is deployed on the internet through a hosted online solution or at our Clients site with a self-hosted onsite solution.

Our Flex CAFM system supports operational excellence by aligning people, processes, procedures, systems and technology with operational objectives that are made believable and achievable by being tracked, measured, analysed and reported automatically. Quality is managed through FLEX by tracking of all the relevant information for the specific stakeholders.
Flex is a modular programme and supports the full range of Facilities Services summarised in our Client dashboard.

Flex Modules:

  • Work flow management

    Planned and reactive.

  • Audit

    Scheduled and ad-hoc including external regulators.

  • HR & Training

    Training plans, 1 to 1’s and competency records.

  • Cleaning Module

    NFC tagging, task instructions and completion records.

  • Health & Safety

    COSHH, RAMS and Safe Operating Procedures.

  • iHelp Helpdesk

    Service request, fault logging, auto response & record keeping.


Client Portal:

Clients log into a personalised dashboard, prioritized to show what is relevant and important to them. Tasks needing attention are highlighted and can include, maintenance requests that need approval, project requests, preventive schedules that are due, or scheduled maintenance for that day.

• Innovation The most up to date cleaning innovation on the market
• Quality Excellence through productivity & auditing
• Financial Paperless, optimum Cleaning hours and faster reporting
• Compliance Automated auditing trail process for governing bodies
• Transparency Realtime reporting, GPS location and tracking of hours
• Safety Designed with lone workers in mind
• Training Linked to HR to ensure appropriate qualification.

Clients include: