Excellence in Healthcare Environments

November 2023

For close to 20 years, Neylons Facility Management has been delivering cleaning and housekeeping services across healthcare and residential care environments throughout Ireland. Building our reputation, competence and capability over the years, commencing with our first contract with the Galway Clinic in 2004 to the present day, where Neylons provide cleaning and housekeeping services to many of the most high-profile private hospitals in Ireland including, MPN Cork, Blackrock Clinic, St Vincents Private Hospital, Hermitage Clinic and the Beacon Hospital for the last 18 years.

Neylons success in this high-profile critical sector is founded on our ongoing commitment to outstanding service quality and attention to detail in the delivery of our cleaning and housekeeping services. We have partnered for many years with Infection Prevention Control (IPC) professionals within our Client organisations, developing and implementing IPC processes and procedures to further drive standards within acute healthcare environments, completing regular joint audits and creating an environment of challenge and continuous improvement from lessons learnt.

Private Hospitals in Ireland are subject to a number of external Inspections that need to be successful in order to retain their accreditation. These inspections include the Health Information & Quality Authority (HIQA) which inspects hospitals every year.

The Joint Commission International (JCI) also inspects private hospitals every 2-3 years. The Joint Commission International  (JCI) identifies, measures, and shares best practices in quality and patient safety, providing leadership and innovative solutions to help healthcare organizations across all settings to improve performance and outcomes.

JCI Blackrock Clinic 2023

“The feedback from the JCI gives us tools to improve continuously the quality of the service we deliver. It is also a great source of motivation for the whole team. After our last inspection, it was mentioned the improved partnership between the housekeeping and infection control teams in Blackrock Clinic. The communication and collaboration between us is now stronger than ever”

Nadia Caranfil, Site Manager Blackrock Clinic

The Health Information & Quality Agency (HIQA) role is to develop standards, inspect and review health and social care services and support informed decisions on how services are delivered in Ireland.

These inspections include a number of parameters and standards that Hospitals must achieve, many of which are founded in Infection Prevention controls, programmes and plans. Neylons have assumed significant levels of responsibility for IPC within these environments which has supported HIQA and JCI accreditation for private hospitals.

Neylons are proud to confirm that since we commenced delivering services in environments subject to HIQA and JCI inspection, we have successfully passed all inspections. In the region of 30 HIQA inspections and 25 JCI Inspections all successfully navigated.

Neylons deploy a range of tools and strategies to make sure standards remain at the required level, including weekly forensic audits supported by our ‘closed loop’ corrective actions process. A key foundation to maintain these standards is our commitment to the independent CAP Awards.

The CAP Awards programme is an annual rigorous observation and inspection of cleaning and housekeeping standards resulting in objective measurement incorporating processes of ‘checks and balances’.  CAP Awards achieved range from Bronze to Platinum, through Silver and Gold based on audit and inspection outcomes achieved.

In order to achieve the ultimate CAP Award – the Platinum CAP Award –  a Gold CAP must be attained in 3 consecutive years. Neylons were the first organisation in Ireland to achieve a Platinum CAP. Since then, we have also been awarded a Platinum CAP for our partnerships with MPN Cork, Hermitage Clinic and Beacon Hospital.

“I am delighted that our housekeeping services team managed by Dora Muresan has not only successfully passed an unannounced audit but has also been honoured with the prestigious Platinum Award for the third consecutive year. This recognition highlights Neylon’s unwavering commitment to maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness within our hospital. Receiving the Platinum Award underscores our commitment to maintaining a clean and safe environment for both staff and patients. I want to express my gratitude to each member of the housekeeping services team for their tireless efforts in upholding the highest standards of cleanliness. Thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to sustaining this level of excellence in the future. “

TSD Manager, Mater Private Cork

“A huge congratulations to you all, fantastic work and well done Dora. Excellent Hygiene in a healthcare environment is essential and your ongoing retention of this accreditation demonstrates your commitment to our site by providing outstanding hygiene services. Well done again.”

Quality Manager, Mater Private Cork

To date, Neylons has received 18 Gold CAP Awards and 4 Platinum CAP Awards, our continued commitment to this voluntary programme is pivotal to providing the foundation to the continuous successful attainment of HIQA and JCI accreditation with our Clients.

Neylons will continue to drive our service performance in support of our healthcare Client partnerships by developing colleague training, processes & procedures and materials and equipment used in the delivery of Patient-centric cleaning and housekeeping services.

CAP Award Beacon Hospital

“Excellence in Healthcare means hard work, perseverance, consistency, passion and teamwork. Luckily my team has all that!

This marks the 6th consecutive CAP Award accreditations for our team here: 3 gold and 3 platinum awards, and also 4th re-accreditation for JCI and this is a significant achievement!

I wish to express my deep appreciation to my team for their stellar work in securing these awards. Thank you sincerely for your professionalism in what was such a positive and collaborative process. We did not undertake these exercises solely for the opportunity to be acknowledged, our participation in both accreditations has helped us earn the confidence that was placed in us. I stand proud!

The external independent accreditation surveys make such a difference and help promote the high standards, innovations, and hard work we put into our jobs daily.”

Teodora Muresan, Site Manager Mater Private Cork

“The Housekeeping team has been accredited the Platinum CAP Award based on the findings and scoring of the unannounced inspection, carried out across the entire hospital, on the 30th of September. This proves that our housekeeping team are performing at the highest standard at all times!  They have proven dedication, commitment and efficiency in all their tasks and duties.

Thank you for all your hard work and dedication in keeping the hospital at the highest cleaning standards. We know that is not always easy but your efforts are very much appreciated. We are grateful to have you all as a part of the housekeeping team.”

Diana Ochinca, Site Manager Beacon Hospital