Deep Cleaning Services

A highly qualified team for your organisation

Neylons Facility Management offer a range of Industrial Cleaning services delivered by our fleet of mobile Industrial Teams.

Services we offer include:

Window Cleaning:

We clean windows internally and externally for our Client partners. Our Mobile Industrial Teams carry a de-ionising water tank and plant and equipment to facilitate external window cleaning to a height of 20m. Above this height we arrange specialist access equipment or use Client Cradle systems.

Power Washing

All our Mobile Industrial Team Vehicles are equipped with industrial grade Power Washing plant which can be used to clean pathways, car parks, access roads and building cladding depending on the construction.

Disinfection & Decontamination Services 

As a result of our experience and expertise in Healthcare and Assisted Living environments, we operate static and mobile Teams skilled in the practice of Fogging Disinfection.

Fogging disinfection is a method where disinfectant is atomised into ultrafine droplets and defused into the atmosphere.

Once the droplets settle on the surface, the disinfectant droplets begin to decontaminate the area.

Thus providing time-saving decontamination treatment of a demised area including all difficult to reach areas through traditional cleaning methodologies.

This process can also be used in segregated external areas including access paths and entrances.

The use of the Fogging decontamination process eliminates pathogens on surfaces including walls, ceilings, furniture, and floors, making it a highly efficient method for comprehensive disinfection.

Waste management and recycling

We are committed to reducing our environmental impact – and that means working with our customers to reduce theirs too. We can help you to divert waste from landfill, cut paper use and promote recycling schemes and reduce both our carbon footprints.

We work with customers across sectors including Assisted Living, healthcare, Pharmaceutical and Education, managing all waste streams, including confidential and hazardous waste.

We hold certification to ISO14001 with our Environmental Management System providing the platform to our Environmental delivery.