Company Values Align With

Neylons Corporate Social Responsibility

When choosing a suitable CSR Initiative Neylons did not have too look to far. Some staff members had already been involved with the Rest & Recuperation Programme  that Chernobyl Children International run. The organisations programme is ‘designed to give sick children the respite they need from the radioactive environment in which they are forced to live. Volunteer host families throughout Ireland have given more than 25,000 children the opportunity to enjoy a recuperative stay away from the debilitating environment in which they live.’

The Initiative

Neylons support a group of children who travel to Loughrea to stay with families twice a year. Because the same children return every year their personal development and general health improves dramatically. There is similarity in the way the Neylons Academy for Growth also works by focusing on individual personal development. Each of Neylons employees voluntarily donate 20 cent of their wages each week. Neylons match the donation allowing this employer and employee initiative to provide the funds to make it all a reality for the Adi Roche run Foundation.

The initiative does not stop at a financial donation. The children come to visit the sites Neylons run around the country and visit Neylons staff. It is a boost of moral for both the Neylons team and the children.


Neylons are shortlisted for the Facility Management CSR Initiative of the Year.