Cleaning Services

Expert since 2002 across the full spectrum of Property Cleaning Services

Neylons Facility Management started life as a local Irish Cleaning company in 2004 and has progressed to embrace and deliver the full range of Facilities Management services whilst retaining our commitment and expertise across the full spectrum of Property Cleaning Services.

We continue to learn and find new ways to provide our customers with the most efficient and sustainable Cleaning solutions. Our services include

  • Daily Routine Cleaning
  • Industrial Cleaning Services
  • Specialist cleaning including Fogging Decontamination
  • Periodic and Deep Cleaning
  • Janitorial and Washroom Services

Neylons start by implementing our unique I Scope productivity software package. We forensically schedule each task in each area of your buildings, attributing a time to complete the task aligned to the equipment to be used.

This provides management information that will allow you to tailor and adjust your cleaning solution to meet the needs and budget of your organisation.

In addition, monitoring and driving cleaning productivity levels across your building portfolio.

Keeping Ireland clean and green

We provide Cleaning Services across a range of sectors across Ireland, looking after everything from hospitals to retail outlets.

We are committed to providing sustainable cleaning solutions that reduce water and chemical use – and have a low carbon footprint. We use microbial and bio (green) products as much as possible and never phosphates or aerosols.

We recognise the ever increasing importance of creating and maintaining hygienic environments for our Clients Staff and Stakeholders, be it an Assisted Living environment, Hospital Patients, Office Workers or production facility.

Our market leading levels of training and competence exceed expectations in all the sectors in which we operate and are complimented by our I Scope productivity tool and Flex CAFM system.

Washroom Services  

We will keep your washrooms clean and fully stocked, whilst delivering the highest standards of hygiene and infection prevention.

We can provide consumables for the Washrooms as part of our solution or simply replenish from stocks provided by the Client.

Washrooms can be cleaned at the beginning or the end of the day with janitorial support replenishing stock levels as and when required.

Steriloc Hygiene Security

Steriloc is an anti-virus entry system that will sanitize the hands of all Staff and Visitors prior to entering your Property. When linked to your Door Access system, it will provide access only when hands are quickly and thoroughly cleansed with a powerful automatic touch free hand sanitiser.

After a member of Staff or Visitor has cleansed their hands, an electrical signal will trigger a door catch, turnstile or even an alarm ensuring that your Building hygiene is not compromised.

Steriloc will demonstrate your commitment to maintaining a covid-19 free building and form a key part of your risk mitigation strategy to give reassurance to your Staff, Customers and Visitors.

The Steriloc units can be on free standing pedestals, wall mounted or linked to entry mechanisms and can be used with an extensive range of sanitising liquids available in the market place.

Neylons can arrange a free no obligation trial of a Steriloc Unit delivered to your Property.

Decontamination & Disinfection

As a result of our experience and expertise in Healthcare and Assisted Living environments, Neylons operate static and mobile Teams skilled in the practice of Fogging Disinfection.

Fogging disinfection is a method where disinfectant is atomised into ultrafine droplets and defused into the atmosphere.

Once the droplets settle on the surface, the disinfectant droplets begin to decontaminate the area.

Thus providing time-saving decontamination treatment of a demised area including all difficult to reach areas through traditional cleaning methodologies.

This process can also be used in segregated external areas including access paths and entrances.

The use of the Fogging decontamination process eliminates pathogens on surfaces including walls, ceilings, furniture, and floors, making it a highly efficient method for comprehensive disinfection.