An innovative addition to Neylons CAFM System

The cleaning module is the future of cleaning — a paperless, gps tracked system giving the operative clear instruction based on location and providing management with realtime reports.

The cleaning module operates with an operative using a small nexus tablet giving the operative  the permission to carry out the requested work. Like all other modules this is linked to the HR Module and all work and all quality issues are logged on the profile of the individual operative. This system uses the NFC tagging system in each room. The controller has at all times the knowledge of the qualifications of the operative and the status of the cleaning area. On completion this can be reported to site & manager.

The quality of their workmanship is excellent.  They are innovative and their investment in training and technology to support the process of cleaning is ongoing and noteworthy.

Pat SheehanMater Private Cork

Lone Worker Safety

Transparency & Control

Productivity & optimised man hours

Client Benefits

The Cleaning Module Impacts Multiple Factors

  • Safety

  • Innovation

  • Training

  • Flexible Setup

  • Quality

  • Financial

  • Compliance

  • Transparency

Real Time Reports

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Neylons Facility Management CAFM System FLEX

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