Hospital Cleaning Services

Cleanliness is one of those things that people make up their minds instinctively on and first impressions last.

Pharmaceutical Cleaning Validation

We understand the only answer to this important question is it must be a science, as it can potentially be a financial life or death matter for a pharmaceutical business. Our answer is based on experience and expertise in the pharmaceutical industry,

Assisted Living Services

Neylon’s have the privilege of providing assisted living services to a number of clients.  In a recent successful tender, we were asked to describe the culture, ethos and values we believe are necessary for clients to be happy with an Assisted Living Service.

Nursing Homes Services

A nursing home environment can often involve close-contact between vulnerable individuals with weak immune systems, leading to an increased risk of infection transmission. Therefore, all cleaning and disinfection procedures must be rigorous and thorough.

Offices & Retail Services

Maintaining proper cleanliness is a part of every one’s life and companies have to invest in maintaining cleanliness at the place where visitors or shopper visit and their employees work.

School Services

The responsibility of caring for and educating children is one of the most demanding professions.  As one of the leading school cleaning companies in Ireland, we understand this and while we can’t help out with what children learn, we can certainly help to ensure the cleanliness of their learning environment.

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