Catering Services: Offering a tailored nutritionally balanced catering experience

June 2022

Food is part of every culture and a way to connect with each other. Over the last decades, the importance of eating well has been emphasised. No matter if we are enjoying a meal at home or going out, having a quick lunch on a busy day at work, we all want an enjoyable and healthy experience.

Neylons Catering Services understands the need to create a nutritionally balanced catering experience for our customers. We tailor a catering offer to positively contribute to customers’ well-being.

We provide quality, healthy, and nutritional dishes that are cooked fresh daily using our approved suppliers and producers with the Bord Bia Quality Mark. We also deliver a range of catering solutions to suit a variety of tastes, with healthy options from traditional to vegetarian and vegan including foods that cater to specific dietary requirements. Even our vending solution offers a range of healthy snacks and beverages. Product selection can be tailored to customer requirements.

We are working with key suppliers to ensure the highest quality ingredients are used to create our seasonal recipes. Central to our daily service are quality ingredients, seasonal selections, colour, no processed ingredients, and passion. We will deliver a quality service that builds a reputation for delicious, fresh, nutritious food.

Menu Planning

At Neylons food service, we believe our products to create our Menus are linked to season availability from our local producers. The food we offer is fresh, uncomplicated, and allows our customers to choose the amount of food that they wish to consume – a light snack, a small dish, several different small dishes, or a hearty meal. Our focus is to market fresh seasonal food every single day sourced from local suppliers and local producers which is the foundation for our Menus. The aim is to create delicious, exciting, and colourful dishes to engage our customers in the enjoyment of living well. We will ensure our menus and offer are constantly evolving to ensure our clients receive a food offer with seasonal Menu cycles that enhances the experience for their employees, students, patients, and visitors. Our Menu development meets the recommendations of Nutrition Standards from Safe Food Ireland and the Healthy Eating Active Living (HEAL) program in the Health Service Executive with input from our Nutritional consultants.

Catering Consultancy Services

Our Consultancy Skills provide Clients with support and expertise to effectively and efficiently develop new and existing Catering Operations. Identifying Commercial opportunities, challenges, and solutions within existing catering operations and through better exploitation of their current offer, We offer a range of catering consultancy services.

Project  Management – Design & Planning

To give our clients peace of mind, we :

  • Manage the design and installation of new catering builds or refurbished facility.
  • Review and design the layout of the kitchen and front servery areas including flooring, ceiling & wall finishes for kitchen compliance.
  • Register with the HSE and arrange advisory inspections from Environmental Health.
  • Review market segment/target audience information.
  • Create Menu offers to meet expected customer numbers.
  • Prepare a design and equipment needs to meet the catering operation requirements.

Would you like to discuss your needs with us? Diarmuid Keating, Commercial Catering Manager, is here to help you.

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Diarmuid Keating

Diarmuid Keating, Commercial Catering Manager