Asset Management

An integrated Asset Management Solution for your organisation

Neylons provide our clients with an integrated Asset Management solution designed to help optimise your investments in infra-structure Assets and Systems, supported by our Flex bespoke Computer Aided Facilities Management (CAFM) system.

Our Flex system promotes a consistent, value-driven process for strategic asset planning and management and allows our Clients to:

  • Have a clear picture of Asset conditions and Life Cycle remaining across your Property Infra-Structure

  • Accurately estimate the cost to maintain and renew assets, as well as the cost of projected capital expenditure

  • Align capital plans and budgets with organisational objectives and remaining Asset Life Expectancy

  • Ensure continuity of critical building plant and systems

  • Increase long-term utilisation of capital assets

Within our Flex CAFM Asset Management module, Asset details and data is structured using

• CIBSE Guide M Economic Life of assets
• RICS Building Cost Information Service
• Manufacturers operating manuals
• BESA SFG20 Maintenance Schedules

This allows benchmarking of asset reliability at systems level and major components of individual critical Assets.

Neylons Flex CAFM system monitors the life cycle performance of all Assets and Groups of Assets in the database and calculates the life expectancy of the individual assets based on data uploaded.

Life expectancy is based on many sources of published guidance including CIBSE Guide M, Manufacturers guidance, and BESA best practice.

Neylons can conduct a survey of your plant and assets and commence tracking life cycle replacement and asset depreciation across your portfolio whilst developing and managing your forward maintenance plan.

We will tag your Assets using NFC (Near Field Communication) tags. With our Flex Mobile Application on your SMART Phone or Tablet, swiping the NFC tag will directly provide Asset details including service history, maintenance schedule and Life Cycle data direct to your hand-held device.