And a CAP Award Platinum goes to…Mater Private Team

After successfully having undertaken a rigorous inspection from the Joint Commission International (JCI) in March 2021 and awarded with Gold Standard Accreditation, the team in Mater Private Hospital in Cork are maintaining their momentum. We are delighted to announce that they have now received a CAP Award Platinum for Housekeeping. CAP Award Platinum recognises organisations that have achieved CAP Gold Awards in three successive years. CAP Award Platinum is a long game. Continual advancement over the years has to be measured and criteria are far more stringent than the Gold. The overall score for the inspection must be above 95%, according to Ian Jackson, CAP Chief Assessor.

Congratulations to Mater Private Hospital on this huge success and especially to our amazing Neylons Housekeeping Team.

Thank you to our 24 team members and our site manager Dora Muresan for making us proud and inspiring all of us!

Learn more about CAP Platinum with Ian Jackson “What does it take to achieve CAP Platinum?”