Neylons Academy for Growth : Sonya Brett

The Neylons Academy For Growth is a unique in-house training programme that provides all staff with an opportunity to progress to management level. It was formed in 2014 when Neylons recognised the increasing need for skilled site managers. The Academy is used to train individuals who are keen to fill this need. Click here to learn more.

This week we have one of our graduates from 2019. Sonya is a supervisor in St Luke’s Nursing Home in Cork. Read on to learn more about her journey with Neylons and her experience with the Neylons Academy for Growth.

 “The Academy has empowered me with the ability to see everyone in a different way in both my professional and my personal life. As a mature graduate of the Academy all I can say is the support and teaching qualities I received were second to none”

Sonya worked for over 8 years in St Lukes. When Neylons took over at St. Luke’s Nursing Home in 2013, Sonya was very apprehensive about having a new management team. She was very surprised at how supportive Neylons were in encouraging her to further her career. It was not long before she became a Supervisor. Then in 2018 she was nominated for The Neylons Academy for Growth. She was an example for all both in the Academy and onsite. Sonya looks forward to having a long and fulfilling future with the Neylons Team!