Neylons Academy for Growth : Paul Pescarus

The Neylons Academy For Growth is a unique in-house training programme that provides all staff with an opportunity to progress to management level. It was formed in 2014 when Neylons recognised the increasing need for skilled site managers. The Academy is used to train individuals who are keen to fill this need. Click here to learn more.

This week we have one of our graduates from 2019. Paul is a site manager in Galway area. Read on to learn more about his journey with Neylons and his experience with the Neylons Academy for Growth.

 “The Academy helped me in many ways but the most important learning is that success is not only measured by diploma, but by what you learn and take with you! Taking your role seriously and working hard to become a better version of yourself will enhance your ability to be a professional employee and will make you more prepared for the future.”

Paul joined Neylons in 2018 when we had a number of new clients. He trained as a Site Manager in our Galway region. Paul had many previous skills and adjusted really well to the challenges of the role despite no experience in a similar job. With efforts and confidence, he embraced the role and applied in real life everything he learned from Neylons Academy For Growth.