Neylons Academy for Growth : Ligita Rusyte

The Neylons Academy For Growth is a unique in-house training programme that provides all staff with an opportunity to progress to management level. It was formed in 2014 when Neylons recognised the increasing need for skilled site managers. The Academy is used to train individuals who are keen to fill this need. Click here to learn more.

This week we have one of our graduates from 2019. Ligita is a site manager in the Royal Victoria Eye & Ear Hospital in Dublin. Read on to learn more about her journey with Neylons and her experience with the Neylons Academy for Growth.

“I have learned to respect the people I work with and never forget to work hard. Successful people are not gifted; they just work hard”

Ligita has been working for Royal Victoria Eye & Ear Hospital in Dublin for many years. In 2016 Neylons took over the Housekeeping and Facilities Maintenance contract there and we welcomed Ligita and her team via TUPE. Ligita fitted in well with Neylons culture immediately. Her aptitude for leadership and attitude towards work was recognized. Ligita is a great example of how a leader can grow even more within Neylons. She attended Neylons Academy For Growth in 2018-2019 where she grew her skills further. Her focus is on client satisfaction and her team’s achievements.