Neylons Academy for Growth : Ionut Cioloca

The Neylons Academy For Growth is a unique in-house training programme that provides all staff with an opportunity to progress to management level. It was formed in 2014 when Neylons recognised the increasing need for skilled site managers. The Academy is used to train individuals who are keen to fill this need. Click here to learn more.

This week we have one of our graduates from 2019. Ionut is a Residential Care Manager in Dublin area. Read on to learn more about his journey with Neylons and his experience with the Neylons Academy for Growth.

I am proud to be part of a company that has as a main focus employees’ growth and development. Through the Academy I have learned and discovered that being a good leader is all about helping others to grow by inspiring, motivating and bringing the best in people.”

Ionut has a very long history with Neylons. In 2011 he joined Neylons as General Operative Assistant in Sports Surgery Clinic in Dublin. He learned a lot about cleaning procedures and infection prevention. After working 4 years for one of our client, he rejoined Neylons as a Residential Care Manager in Dublin. He took a very challenging role and is doing incredibly well. Ionut graduated in 2019 from Neylons Academy For Growth.