A letter from Adi Roche, Chernobyl Children International

Dear Sylvester and Team

I am so grateful to you and to and to all the wonderful staff at Neylons’ for the unstinting support that you have shown to CCI down through the years.  I am especially thankful for the kind donation that you made to CCI on behalf of Neylons Facility Management this week. These are difficult times for us all and it means a lot to us at CCI to have the support and backing of dear friends like you at trying times like these. This generous gesture has come at a time where the charity sector has been brought to its knees and now, more than ever before, we are so unbelievably grateful to you for choosing Chernobyl Children International as your charity partner.

It’s comforting to know that a successful company like Neylon’s can take a little charity like ours to its heart and proactively strive for the betterment of the lives of the disadvantaged children and young adults who we seek to serve. The team at Neylon’s are an inspiration to us all, with everyone playing their part and working collectively from the top down to benefit the lives of the many children and young adults whose lives have been affected by the Chernobyl Disaster in a myriad of ways. Together, this team is working to build a future for so many children who have been affected by forces beyond their control and to restore some balance and fairness to a world that can be needlessly harsh for so many innocent people. But by helping those who are less fortunate, you are also helping yourselves in so many ways and the goodness you show isn’t just on a global level as it trickles down into even the smallest aspects of everyday life. This can ultimately change the tide and create fairness and justice for all humanity.

By putting the needs of others before your own, a dynamic is set, compassion is shown and humility is demonstrated.  Every good team is made up of team players and by selflessly advocating for the rights of those less fortunate, those who are disadvantaged and those who are impoverished, team players are born. You are proof that if a team of people can work together to achieve so much for a group of vulnerable people by giving a voice to the voiceless, showing love to the unloved and seeking justice for those who have been treated unjustly, there’s nothing that can stop them from achieving limitlessly in their own personal and professional lives.

Being selfless breeds resilience, builds character and galvanises us all for so many of the challenges that we face in life, while reinforcing our strength and determination to go on even when there are obstacles in the way. By taking this stance, you have also paved the way for us at CCI and we are deriving so much inspiration from you. You have shown us that in the face of adversity, we will live to fight another day and that we can and we will rise above the challenges that we have been faced with in recent months.

Thanks again for showing us your support in our hour of need. Thank you for inspiring us, for working with us and for encouraging us to continue. Together, we will shine a light that will enable the downtrodden to pull through the dark times and we will lead them to a brighter future. Our work is not over yet!

In Deepest Appreciation

Adi Roche

Voluntary CEO

Chernobyl Children International