Neylons Team Win Gold Award for Housekeeping at Mater Private Hospital in Cork

Following on from its acclaimed Gold Award achievement in December last year, Mater Private Hospital Cork has done it again by landing another CAP Gold Award for its housekeeping services. As before the hospital, based in Citygate, Mahon, was subjected to an unannounced visit from the Continuous Advancement Programme (CAP) Award assessment team.

Ana Maria Moldovan Housekeeping Manager, Florin Bob, Assistant Housekeeping Manager and their Award Winning Neylons Team

Members of the CAP programme share a passion for raising the standards of housekeeping and catering in healthcare organisations across Ireland and the UK. Along with reports of performance detailed from a rigorous inspection regime, the CAP programme provides valuable roadmaps for quality and cost efficiency improvements. Achieving the Gold level is a rare accomplishment that reflects the pinnacle of success in cleanliness and is an accolade that’s recognised across Ireland.


Cleaning services at the Mater hospital are provided by Neylons, an independent cleaning contractor. This year, the firm’s housekeeping provision had to contend with new clinical buildings for orthopaedic treatment and a Spine Centre. Despite this, the CAP assessors noted an impressive standard of cleanliness throughout the wards and commended the housekeeping team for its consistent service delivery and good patient interaction.

By working closely together, the cleaning contractor and hospital staff have achieved great results. Credit to both parties,

It is a (the effectiveness of the hospital’s auditing procedure)  in unison with infection control.


Ian JacksonChief CAP Assessor

Clearly a clean environment is essential to patient care and wellbeing. To therefore open up our doors to an independent, unannounced external inspection can only be beneficial, whatever the outcome. But achieving the prestigious Gold Award is a fantastic for the housekeeping team and the hospital. Naturally, I am delighted.

Donna Roche Mater Private CEO

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The Continuous Advancement Programme is a 12-month progressive development scheme for housekeeping/cleaning and catering services in the Healthcare and Education sectors, ensuring positive development and recognition for teams and individuals who are consistently performing exceptional work behind the scenes.