Neylons Facility Management Are Delighted To Announce The

Appointment of Maria Sava as CEO

January 2018

Leader Emerges From Within

Neylons have a culture of ownership and high achievers. This is instilled from nurturing leadership qualities and giving people opportunities to shine in their roles. This is without question one of the drivers of success of Neylons. Maria Sava is the prime example of what ambition and mentoring can achieve. Her leadership style is clearly apparent in all aspects of the business as she offers guidance, professionalism and a vast amount of knowledge in operations.

Maria’s Journey With Neylons

Starting in January 2007, Maria joined Neylons as a cleaning operative on a building site at Leopardstown. Even then she showed leadership quality in all aspects of her work and within 6 months Maria became a supervisor. It was very soon after she took on her first site managers role at the Hermitage Medical Centre. Similar to a graduate programme in the big multinationals, Neylons offered Maria the opportunity to be a site manager in the Beacon Hospital and Sports Surgery Clinic . These were also in the Private Healthcare sector. As Neylons expanded Maria became an area manager for the East coast of Ireland. Maria’s next role saw her move West to take up residence at Head Office in Loughrea where she was appointed Head of Operations.

‘I still guide myself from the first lesson in management Sylvie gave me : always treat others as you want to be treated yourself’

Maria SavaCEO
Neylons manager Maria Sava Photo Martina Regan

A Leader of People

Neylons happily invested in Maria’s people management skills and she trained in HR and People Development. This training was pivotal over the next few years for Neylons as Maria developed the Neylons Academy For Growth with Sylvie. In the first year there were 5 graduates and this year will see a total of 40 participants to have graduated. She assisted in developing the HR module for Neylons on Flex (CAFM) including HR and training procedures.

For the last 4 years Maria has worked hard to support the company in the role of Director of Operations until her appointment as CEO in December of 2017. We look forward to the next chapter in Nelyons journey with Maria at the helm.