10 years of service

At Neylons we value loyalty, dedication and hard-work.  Today we would like to thank Radu and Anca for their contributions in helping the team over the past 10 years.

Congratulations on reaching 10 years of service with the team.

Radu Sava

After 3 years working in a hospital environment Radu joined the HR team in Head Office. He then was invited to be part of the second Neylons Academy for Growth. The leadership skills he developed during the Academy helped him to grow in his manager role. His attention to detail and his people skills are essential to his current role as an Auditor.

Anca Cioloca

After 4 years’ experience as a Housekeeping Supervisor in a hospital environment Anca was invited to be part of the first Neylons Academy for Growth Program. Due to her emerging leadership skills she was promoted to a site manager during this time. She then became an area manager allowing her to assist training other site managers. The skillset developed during the Academy program was essential to this training role. Anca is focusing on training across all Neylons including ‘Neylons Academy for Growth’.